In a statement released on Monday, Molla said cooperation between the two countries is a strategic-oriented one and not a commercial which aims at contributing to settling the energy crisis in Lebanon as well as supporting its efforts to reach stability.

The Lebanese minister, for his part, voiced gratitude for the Egyptian role in helping his country, noting that the extension of Egyptian gas to Lebanon is a cornerstone in resolving the energy crisis.

Molla also noted that an expanded meeting will be held between delegations from the two countries to work out a final formula for the gas contract, adding that the countries participating in the ministerial meeting of the Arab Gas Pipeline countries (AGP) grouping (Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon) have agreed in September to export Egyptian gas to Lebanon via Jordan and Syria.

AGP has started in late 1990 planning for the extension of 1,200 kilometers of the Arab gas pipeline that aims at delivering the Egyptian gas to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Egypt has initiated the pumping with 28 million cubic meters of gas daily to Lebanon in 2009.