“Armonia Walk”: A Once in a Lifetime Chance for Investment with 50% Partnership and Guaranteed Rental for 3 Years



Sun, 01 Aug 2021 - 11:25 GMT


Sun, 01 Aug 2021 - 11:25 GMT

Armonia Walk

Armonia Walk

In such a booming industry as the real estate, we’re all looking for opportunities to invest in it, it is the guaranteed gold mine we all need. And now, the leading real estate company, TLD – The Land Developers has got your back with its newest commercial venture – Armonia Walk in the heart of the new capital, bringing you a fully integrated commercial strip with retail units, healthcare units, and office spaces, in addition to a gym and a supermarket. If you’re an investor or a business owner, you’ve reached the right destination! With TLD- The Lander Developers’ golden chance of a 50% partnership, a down payment of only 10%, and a guaranteed rental for 3 years on retail and F&B units! Considering the current financial climate, having guaranteed rent for your unit is a cash cow for any investor.

Having Armonia Walk center one of the most vital areas in The New Capital in the R7 District, makes it one of the first commercial hubs out there that brings familiarity and convenience with its unique respite experience, given that the Diplomatic district being 0.8km away, 1.6km from the Opera, 2.1km from the Green River, 2.5km from the Capital Cathedral, and 14Km from AL Fattah Al- Aleem Mosque.

Armonia Walk is fully accommodated with specialized cuisines that suit your every craving, a unique selection of retail shops, and a large supermarket, and what makes all of this possible is the vast space and expert infrastructure, the available rentals in the basement as well as the outdoor areas on the ground and upper ground levels. What sets TLD – The Land Developers, apart with this project is that they’re offering their clients with great deals, including a once in a lifetime opportunity on retail and F&B units– to be a partner with them with 50%, and with a down payment of only 10%. Not only that but TLD – The Land Developers, guarantees the unit’s rent for 3 years. Further, the project provides office spaces for a focused and productive working environment, along with healthcare clinics, and a gym.

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Bringing a distinctive blend of modern and contemporary design together with the newest real estate technology available on a total build up area of 18,000 m2, TLD – The Land Developers, alongside Raef Fahmy as their consultant engineer are determined to provide you with innovation, sophistication, and aestheticism which makes Armonia Walk a splendid attraction in Egypt’s new key area – The New Administrative Capital.

The skillful design is obvious in Armonia Walk’s master plan; it is divided into five buildings, connected through their ground level with all retail shops on it; besides this floor, each building has a basement that services the retail shops, and two upper floors which have connective corridors as well to avoid any troubles.

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In Armonia Walk, whether you’re an investor, an employee, or a visitor, comfort is the first priority, the commercial hub has 6 passenger lifts, 2 service lifts, escalators that connect all floors, prayer rooms, and a 550 car parking slots along with high-quality restrooms. And if you’re in doubt about the level of accessibility for your elderly or differently-abled people, no worries! Armonia Walk has easy movement, mobility, and easy accessibility to the commercial area as its top priority. 

Armonia Walk can be considered as a standard for what a smart building should be like with its utilization of global technology for building management. It has a CCTV system, air-conditioned public areas, HVAC for units to be provided by tenants, sprinkler system provisional tie-ins for offices/clinics, smoke management system and fresh air ventilation for underground parking, standby generators, and emergency lifts. Not to mention the fact that the project is managed by a specialized facility-management company to ensure the quality of Armonia Walk’s landscape and gardens, main roads’ cleansing, plumbing, waste management, carpentering, and electrical maintenance, and most importantly, security and safety. The delivery of Armonia Walk’s Phase 1 is expected to be in June 2024.

Whether you’re a business owner, an investor, or a shopaholic, TLD – The Land Developers’ newest commercial hub – Armonia Walk is definitely the place to keep an eye out for, given the great facilities, an amazing master plan, and great location, and such a golden opportunity from them, not to mention the immense experience and capabilities of such a tycoon as TLD – The Land Developers. There is no doubt in our minds about the treasured experience we’ll get in Armonia Walk that will redefine commercial projects in Egypt forever!





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