Orange Egypt Sponsors “Maker Faire Cairo 2021” For the 6th year in a row In cooperation with Fab Lab Egypt


Thu, 29 Jul 2021 - 02:38 GMT

Orange Egypt  x Maker Faire Cairo 2021

Orange Egypt x Maker Faire Cairo 2021

As part of its commitment to support digital manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and innovators community, Orange Egypt has announced its sponsorship to “Maker Faire Cairo 2021” for the 6th year in a row. The event was held in July, it was online for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event included workshops, talks, discussion sessions, and various webinars, in addition to training sessions on how to make, build and assemble handmade tools and educational tools along with other events.

“Maker Faire Cairo” is the largest and most important event in Egypt, that brings together manufacturers, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, craftsmen, technology lovers of different ages; whether adults, children, or even culinary enthusiasts, where they join to showcase their skills, learn and discover wonderful new things and ideas.
The annual event, highlights innovation, creativity, and scientific exchange. It is considered an exciting science fair and it is held in different versions worldwide. “Maker Faire Cairo” also allows participants to showcase their innovations, conduct new experiments, and learn new skills in various sciences, engineering, art, and crafts. It is a large gathering for passionate people who enjoy learning and love to share what they can create.

Maha Nagy, Chief Communications Officer at Orange Egypt , said that she is very proud of Orange Egypt for being the main sponsor of this leading event that addresses creative minds of all ages. She also valued the digital manufacturing community that Orange is interested in and places it among its priorities. The event consists of various fields such as education, youth, entrepreneurship, and support for technological innovation. Which, complies with Orange's strategy and its Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

She added that Orange Egypt sponsors many events and activities that develop the spirit of learning and acquiring skills among the Egyptian community. Nagy also expressed Orange’s interest in “Maker Faire Cairo”, for its distinction by addressing everyone from engineers to craftsmen, amateurs, professionals, men, women, youth, and children. What makes the event special is the ideas, goals, and nature of the activities. It is supported by a lot of Egypt’s masterminds, that are full of excitement and innovation.


“We are honored to sponsor “Maker Faire Cairo” as Egypt is more than capable of hosting Maker Faire Cairo events due to its growing digital manufacturing community. We are also proud of the event slogan, which emphasizes that (Everyone Is A Maker), no matter what their hobby, craft, or field of creativity is”, Nagy added.  

“At Orange Egypt, we seek to support all similar events that develop work culture, discover talents, and liberate ideas and transform them into real creations”, She concluded.




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