Mondeléz Egypt Foods Joins Forces with The Ministry of Health to Make COVID-19 Vaccines Available for Factory Employees


Sun, 30 May 2021 - 10:28 GMT

Mondeléz Egypt Foods

Mondeléz Egypt Foods

As part of its strategy to provide continuous support to its employees in response to COVID-19, Mondeléz Egypt Foods, has recently joined forces with the Ministry of Health to provide all its employees with Covid-19 vaccines. This step complements the company’s efforts as it supports the government in response to COVID-19 by maintaining the safety and well-being of its employees.
The agreement with the ministry allows employees to get vaccinations at the company’s 10th of Ramadan City as well as Alexandria’s Borg Al Arab factories, instead of taking the vaccine at the Ministry’s designated centers with the aim of making the process easier and more accessible to employees. The company also clarified that the agreement states that vaccinations will be optional, and that they will follow the ministry’s online registration process where employees use the link to the ministry’s website ( and fill in the necessary credentials.
Mondeléz Egypt Foods praised The Ministry of Health and Population’s efforts in facing the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as the timely response to the company’s request to make vaccinations available at its factories. This decision makes Mondeléz the among the very first large-scale entities in Egypt to take serious steps towards creating a truly healthy work environment by ensuring that all of its employees are safe from COVID-19 and any complications it may cause. The company announced that vaccines will be available for all 1200 employees, including sales representatives, production-line workers, and the administration team.
Mohamed Al Morsi, Chairman and Managing Director at Mondeléz Egypt Foods, said “Our Strategy puts our employees’ health and safety at the forefront of our priorities, and we are proud to announce that we inaugurated a vaccine drive service inside our premises to Mondelēz Egypt employees who prefer to get vaccinated. The company is always ready and willing to do what’s right to ensure a safe and healthy work environment to its employees in line with the efforts that the government provides for the private sector and development partners.”
Al Morsi went on to add that “we are proud to be among the industrial sector’s first companies to collaborate with the Ministry of Health. We are extremely thankful for the Ministry’s continuous support and immediate response in making vaccines available.” Moreover, the Healthcare Authority praised the efforts exerted by Mondeléz Egypt Foods and stressed that it is setting an example for the ultimate collaboration between public and private sectors during crises.
First day of vaccinations witnessed the attendance of Dr. Hesham Massoud, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Azza Kotb, Healthcare Administration Director at 10th of Ramadan City, Dr. Moataz Mokhtar, Vaccinations Director, Dr. Lucy Edward, Preventative Medicine Director, Dr. Eman Raslan, Director of Infectious Diseases Department and Campaign Supervisor, Dr. Abd El Raouf Abo El Azm, Senior Vaccination Administration Supervisor, Dr. Nada El Yamani, Public Relations and Media Officer at the Healthcare Administration, alongside Mohamed Al Morsi, Chairman and Managing Director at Mondeléz Egypt Foods and other department heads at Mondeléz Egypt Foods.



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