Int'l economic institutions praised Egypt’s performance in 2020: Rania al-Mashat



Tue, 30 Mar 2021 - 07:43 GMT


Tue, 30 Mar 2021 - 07:43 GMT

Egypt’s Minister of International Cooperation Rania al-Mashat gibing a speech at BT100 ceremony

Egypt’s Minister of International Cooperation Rania al-Mashat gibing a speech at BT100 ceremony

CAIRO – 30 March 2021: Egypt’s Minister of International Cooperation Rania al-Mashat said, Tuesday that 2020 proved that cooperation is key to overcome crises.

During her speech at BT 100 ceremony, Mashat added that economic diplomacy is about paving the way for economic partnerships, particularly those aimed at achieving Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs.

She also congratulated the private sector for ‘remarkable achievements throughout the pandemic.

Egypt’s Minister of International Cooperation said that the ministry has a cooperation of LE 25 billion, including 355 projects.

Shedding light on Suez Canal crisis, Mashat said that Egyptians proved to the whole their ability to overcome crises and difficulties, along with their flexibility dealing with sudden challenges

She explained that ‘the exceptional period the world was going through during the past year’ requires all of us to consider what we have achieved.

She noted that Egypt was one of the top countries that was able to deal with the pandemic effect with creativity and flexibility.

She said that ‘when Egyptians look around to see what they achieved on all levels compering to the rest of the world during 2020, they feel proud and grateful”

Mashat further noted that several international institutions have praised the Egyptian economy as one of the few economies in the world that achieved positive economic growth rates during 2020 by 3.5%, with expectations that these rates will rise to 5% during 2021.

She explained that all these achievements became possible due to the economic reform policies that the state has implemented and is still implementing recently.

BT100 is one of the most prestigious events in the business world in Egypt. Its held annually with the attendance of Cabinet members, businessmen, high profile companies, start-ups, celebrities and journalists.

BT100 is a tribute to the leaders of the governmental and private sectors, and corporate for their important and effective role in improving the Egyptian economy. The ceremony aims at encouraging other companies to improve their performance, and develop their marketing methods and their selling skills.

Candidates for the prizes were chosen according to certain criteria by the jury and evaluation to select a number of companies in different sectors, including the financial, industrial and investment sectors, the real estate sector, and the communications and information technology sector.

All candidates chosen based on certain criteria and standards that rely on market studies and research to evaluate the activities of all companies operating in the Egyptian market, including companies with innovative creative ideas and practical and effective solutions, in addition to prizes for the best corporate social responsibility initiatives, the best market share and investment performance, and the best sustainable agreements and partnerships between the private sector and the public sector that would serve the country's goals in the comprehensive economic development plan for Egypt 2030.









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