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Academic final exams likely to be postponed as Covid-19 persists

Sat, Mar. 21, 2020
CAIRO - 21 March 2020: The mid-term exams at universities will be canceled and the final exams will be postponed if the suspension of education continues.

The Supreme Council of Universities said in a Saturday statement that online platforms will continue to provide curricular services for the students without an internet charge.

Universities, schools and kindergartens were closed March 14 for two weeks; it is possible that the suspension will be extended due to coronavirus.

The council thanked the staff at all universities for their rapid support to remote learning, as well as the staff at hospitals of universities. Meanwhile, disinfecting university facilities will continue to be carried out.

The score of the mid-term exam will be added to the final test, will may be postponed and held no earlier than May 30.

Each university will decide for itself the date of the exam of its postgraduate students, given that the period of the suspension is not included in the time frame of finishing the student’s thesis.
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