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Region witnesses conflicts that need political solutions: Shoukry

Wed, May. 22, 2019
CAIRO - 22 May 2019: Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry confirmed Tuesday that the region is witnessing tense situations in the Arab Gulf, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Yemen which need political solutions.

This came during the iftar ceremony organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for senior writers, journalists and media professionals.

Shoukry also said that the US decision to send naval units to the region and targeting some Saudi and UAE ships in the Gulf of Hormuz pose danger to the situation in general, especially on the Arab national security level.

The minister also pointed out that the region has suffered wars and destruction and that everyone should commit to not interfering in other countries' internal affairs.

"We work in coordination with our partners to return to the political framework. Ultimately, the Libyan people should have the opportunity to express their opinion through free elections," said Shoukry, adding that Egypt will continue to work with the United Nations to achieve that goal.

"We are following the matter and its impact on Egypt and its western borders especially in the presence of an arena for terrorism and the transfer of terrorists from areas of conflict in Syria to Libya, which poses a danger to Egypt and various circles in the African arena," Shoukry explained.

Shoukry also stressed that the Egyptian government supports the Libyan institutions and army headed by Khalifa Haftar.

When asked about Turkey's role in the Libyan problem by supporting some groups and militias, the minister said that any attempts at the regional level to intervene in the affairs of countries of the region threaten Arab national security and are unacceptable.

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