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Law imposing death penalty comes in line with IHRL: Egypt’s Human Rights Council

Thu, Feb. 28, 2019
CAIRO – 28 February 2019: "The law imposing the death penalty comes in accordance with the International Human Rights Laws,” Hafez Abu Saada, member of the National Council for Human Rights, said.

“President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi explained in his speech in the closing ceremony of the first European-Arab League Summit the extraordinary conditions Egypt undergoes that might force him to take severe and quick procedures to combat terrorism,” Abu Saada told Egypt Today.

“We are still in the construction stage. Egypt has faced a lot of challenges that resulted in the death of more than 1,200 martyrs and the injury of more than 20,000. Thus, combating terrorism is a necessity. We cannot encourage tourists to visit Egypt when Egyptians are in danger,” Abu Saada further elaborated.

Abu Saada stated that the martyrs’ families insist on taking revenge, yet the government insists to get their rights back according to the law and constitution, reiterating that Egypt respects and is committed to following the International Human Rights Laws.

“Sisi does not invent illusive challenges or threats; terrorism is real and we have no choice but to combat it mercilessly. On the other hand, Europe does not face the same challenges so it speaks day and night about human rights.”

Abu Saada concluded his speech referring to the bilateral agreement between France and Belgium in which they vowed to intensify cooperation to eradicate terrorism by sentencing all violators to death. Hence, such severe sentences are applicable and acceptable to preserve a state's stability.
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