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MP suggests Egyptian students in Sudan return home due to study suspension

Mon, Feb. 18, 2019
CAIRO – 18 February 2019: As Sudan announces study suspension at all universities across the country amid heightened anti-regime protests, a member of Egyptian Parliament suggested Egyptian students in Khartoum return home and resume study at Egyptian universities.

Mohamed el-Ghoul, a member of the Human Rights Committee at the Parliament submitted a motion to the house regarding the escalation of the incidents in Sudan, and its effect on the stance of the Egyptian students studying there.

Ghoul signaled that the people's anger in the Sudanese streets calling for the ouster of their current regime has pushed the Ministry of Higher Education in Khartoum to suspend study at all universities, including all state-run and private educational institutions.

In his motion, the parliamentarian noted that the current situation in the North African country will negatively affect the Egyptian students there, and thus, he explained that his suggestion will save their study year.

He further referred to similar situations for Egyptian students who were studying in Syria, and returned to resume their study in adjacent schools in their home country after the situation deteriorated in Syria.

Anti-government protests erupted in Sudan around two months ago over surging prices.

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