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BREAKING: Egypt's Parliament approves constitutional amendments in principle

Thu, Feb. 14, 2019
CAIRO – 14 February 2019: Egypt’s House of Representatives passed on Thursday the newly-proposed amendments to the 2014 Constitution, which include extension of the presidential term from 4 years to six years.

A total of 485 out 569 of lawmakers approved the amendments that suggested by one fifth of the parliament members early this month.

As per the initial approval,the amendments will be referred to the Legislative Committee of the Parliament to consider them within 60 days, said Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal in the session. Then, if the committee approves the amendments, the president has the right to call on the Egyptians for public referendum to confirm the amendments.

The amendments also tackle appointing the heads of judicial bodies by the president.

The proposed amendments also include restoring Shura Council – a senate- to broaden representation at the Parliamentary Councils- after it was dissolved in 2012. The appointment of deputy president is also one of the amendments. Supporting women, Youth, Christian minority, the disabled, and the Egyptian expatriates community by solid constitutional articles are included in the amendments.

One of the amendments stipulates, “The Armed Forces are the guarantor of the democracy and civil state, and the appointment way of defense minister should be reconsidered.”

“A coordination council headed by the president would organize the posts inside all the judicial entities,” another amendment provides.

Although many political experts and politicians said that the new amendments are essential for Egypt’s current development program, many critic voices expressed objection as such amendments contradict with freedom principles.
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