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Libya's army launches operation to liberate southwestern area from terrorists

Tue, Jan. 15, 2019
TRIPOLI - 15 January 2019: The Libyan army has launched a military operation to liberate the south west of the country, Libyan Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari said on Tuesday.

The army spokesman added that the operation aims at preserving the unity and territorial integrity of Libya as well as protecting the citizens against terrorists including Daesh and Al-Qaeda groups and even the criminal gangs deployed across the southern areas.

In a statement released by the Libyan army's general command, Mismari pointed out that the operation is launched in response to the repeated demands of the Libyan people who are calling for protecting the State and enforcing the law across the country.

The operation is aimed as well at delivering the necessary services including fuel, medical and food supplies to the citizens and opening and securing the roads linking the south to the north, Mismari said.

The army's general command urged citizens in the south west of the country to stay away from the gatherings of the terrorists and criminals until the end of the operation so that the armed forces would be able to carry out the combat duties effectively, he added.
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