FILE – New Administrative Capital church
FILE – New Administrative Capital church

Sisi's opening of mosque, cathedral 'new chapter of peace': Saudi writer

Tue, Jan. 8, 2019
KUWAIT CITY - 8 January 2019: Saudi writer Meshaal Aba Al Wadaa Al Harbi said Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi's opening of a mosque and cathedral on Monday in Egypt's New Administrative Capital marks a new chapter of forgiveness, love and peace in Egypt.

In an article published in Kuwaiti newspaper Al Seyassah on Tuesday, Harbi said this event sent a message to the whole world that Egypt's strength lies in the unity of its national fabric.

Muslims and Christians have always lived in peace in Egypt, he wrote, noting that attempts by Egypt's enemies to foment sectarian sedition is doomed to failure as religious men could swiftly contain them.
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