IS elements appearing in a video broadcasted by the terror organization – screenshot IS elements appearing in a video broadcasted by the terror organization – screenshot

IS elements ran over 892 people worldwide: Egypt's Iftaa

Tue, Dec. 25, 2018
CAIRO – 25 December 2018: Egypt’s Dar al-Iftaa Fatwa Monitoring Observatory said that the Islamic State (IS) has committed 11 operations since it emerged, where their cars ran over people, resulting in the death and injury of 892 people.

Such terror operations were carried out in Britain, Spain, France, the US, Germany and Canada, the observatory said.

The Islamic State (IS) has launched a new video dubbed "Prepare Yourself", which was produced in Spanish and translated into Arabic and English, urging its elements and hiding members to carry out terrorist acts during Christmas celebrations through explosions and running over people, the observatory said.

The IS also urged its elements and supporters to hide among people and put on thesame clothes with an explosive belt hidden under the elements' clothes to kill who they call "disbelievers," the observatory added.

The observatory explained that IS called on its supporters during the eight minute video to target Christian gatherings during the celebrations of Christmas, by either explosive belts, by running them over with cars, or by stabbing them with knives.

The observatory warned of the seriousness of the terrorist operations that may occur, urging the security services to mobilize their forces during these celebrations to foil IS's potential attempts to carry out terror attacks.

On July 14, 2016, a Tunisian resident of France deliberately drove a cargo truck into a number of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, France, causing the death of 86 people and the injury of over 450 others before France's police managed to eliminate him after fire exchange. IS claimed responsibility for the attack.
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