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IS received Qatari, Israeli financial aid: Arrested terrorist

Thu, Aug. 9, 2018
CAIRO – 9 August 2018: A wanted terrorist, affiliated with the Islamic State, named Abu Mansour al-Maghribi has confessed that the terrorist group received financial aid from Qatari and Israeli parties.

The terrorist who was arrested by Iraqi forces during military operation near the Syrian borders said during his trial, in Baghdad on Wednesday, that he was communicating personally with someone called Sheikh Khaled Soliman in Qatar to get a $1 million monthly.

Maghribi said that he was communicating with several other Israeli officials who provided other financial aids for IS soldiers, along with allowing them to use their hospitals for emergencies.

He affirmed that an agreement between IS and Turkish authorities was conducted to exchange prisoners. Among the Turkish prisoners who were released by IS were several diplomats and high-level politicians.

About 450 IS prisoners were released from Turkish prisons per the agreement.

Later the relations between Turkey and IS expanded to include recruiting a number of Turks to join IS, along with using their hospitals to treat the wounded according to Maghribi.

Maghribi, who is originally a Moroccan citizen, used to work in electronic devices trade before joining the terrorist group. According to the Iraqi authorities, Maghribi can fluently speak more than three languages including English, French and Spanish.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Goma
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