The Muslim Brotherhood senior leaders meet with former military Chief of Staff Sami Anan- Reuters The Muslim Brotherhood senior leaders meet with former military Chief of Staff Sami Anan- Reuters

Samir Anan affirms his father’s respect for military ethics

Tue, Feb. 13, 2018
CAIRO – 13 February 2018: “If Brotherhood-affiliated ousted President Mohamed Morsi is ignorant of the military principles, my father [former military Chief of Staff Sami Anan] does not have any excuse to breach the military rules,” stressed former presidential candidate’s son, Samir Anan, on Monday in an interview with prominent anchor Wael el-Ebrashi on Dream TV.

Anan Junior said that his father was part of the regime ruling Egypt post January 2011, thus it does not make any sense that the former chief of staff keeps under his custody documents that will have him involved in illegal actions.

"Former top auditor Hisham Genena has been reportedly arrested by Egyptian security forces on Tuesday," Genena's daughter Nada told Reuters, the news that no Egyptian official authority has confirmed yet.
Anan jr's post on his official Twitter account- photo via Twitter

Nada added that 30 security personnel have taken her father from his home, located at Cairo's fifth settlement, adding that she does not know where her father is.

"Genana might stand for trial either before the military prosecutor or the High State Security Prosecution," Genana's lawyer Ali Taha revealed to local media outlets just few hours before Genena’s arrest news reports.

Samir Anan refuted all the allegations by former top auditor Hisham Genena who alleged that Anan possesses documents exposing the Egyptian State's violations after January 25 Revolution in 2011.

“I contacted my family’s lawyer to file a lawsuit against Genena, accusing him of inciting a social strife in Egypt amid a war against terrorism,” said Anan Junior.

Anan’s son later denounced, on an alleged Twitter account, Genena’s allegations calling them false and convincingly suspicious. Anan Junior strongly criticized the former auditor’s role in spreading pro-Muslim Brotherhood rumors and Propaganda that he deemed as despicable schemes targeting the Egyptian national security.

Anan’s lawyer, Nasser Amin announced through his official Facebook account that he will press charges against Genena, adding that all of the latter’s statements contravene the truth.

Amin asserted that Anan has nothing to do with such statements, adding that he will take the needed legal procedures to prevent anyone from giving away statements on behalf of his client in the future.

Nasser Amin's post on his official Facebook account- photo via Facebook

Military Spokesperson Tamer el-Refai said on Monday that the Egyptian Army will investigate statements previously given by the former top auditor claiming that former candidate Sami Anan possesses documents which expose the Egyptian State’s violations.

Refai said that those statements drive a wedge between the Egyptian Army and the citizens amid a war against terrorism, adding that the Army will act according to the right granted to it by the constitution.

Anan led the Egyptian Army from 2005 to 2012, he was also the deputy head of the Supreme council of the Armed Forces which has ruled Egypt after January 25 Revolution. The former Chief of Staff was ousted by former President Mohammed Morsi in 2012.

After he was forced into retirement, Anan founded the Arabism Egypt Party. The political party attempted to join the parliamentary elections in 2014; however, it was turned down by the Supreme Electoral Commission. Anan withdrew from the Presidential race back in 2014.

Anan posted a video Saturday, January 20, on his official Facebook page where he announced his Presidential bid, vowing to amend what he described the “Wrong Policies” undertaken by the current authority.

Anan called on the State’s institutions to stay neutral towards all the candidates who showed intentions to join the Presidential Race.

The Former Chief of Staff vowed to fix what he described as the deteriorated living standards in Egypt. He also revealed that he will appoint two civilian vice presidents, former top auditor Hesham Geneina for Human Rights and Transparency and Cairo University Political Science Professor Hazem Hosny for knowledge, besides, acting as a Presidential Spokesperson.

Anan rejected the Egyptian/Saudi maritime demarcation agreement ratified by the Egyptian Parliament in June 2017. The agreement handed over the two Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia.

A statement on state television by the Armed Forces accused Anan of a “serious breach of the laws of military service.”

The speech also said Anan was “blatantly inciting against the Egyptian armed forces to try and "drive a wedge between the armed forces and the great Egyptian people.”
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