A general view of the Arab League delegates meeting, Egypt, December 5, 2017 - REUTERS A general view of the Arab League delegates meeting, Egypt, December 5, 2017 - REUTERS

Arab FMs participate in Arab League’s meeting on Palestine

Thu, Feb. 1, 2018
CAIRO – 01 February 2018: The Algerian, Palestinian and Jordanian Foreign Ministers as well as the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Foreign Ministry arrived in Cairo on Thursday to participate in the Arab League’s ministerial meeting on Palestine.

The meeting aims to discuss the repercussions of the United States’ decision on Palestine. The implementation of the Arab League’s resolution at the ministerial level taken on September 9, 2017, stipulates that the council should be resumed within a month to evaluate the situation and agree on steps for the future.

In this regard, the ministerial meeting was scheduled to be held at the beginning of February based on what has been decided in the Arab ministerial meeting held in Jordan January 6.

The Arab peace initiative committee will convene on Thursday for an emergency meeting at the level of foreign ministers at the premises of the general secretariat of the Arab League.

The meeting will be chaired by Jordan to probe the latest developments pertaining to Jerusalem in view of the recent decision of the U.S .to recognize the holy city as the capital of Israel.

The Arab peace initiative committee comprises Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Palestine, Qatar, Lebanon, Morocco and Yemen along with the Arab League secretary general.

On December 6, U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel by announcing the relocation of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This decision was condemned and rejected by all Arab and Islamic countries, as well as most Western and Asian countries.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets to denounce the American announcement on Jerusalem in different cities across the world.

On December 19, Palestine’s Safa news agency revealed that Israel planned to inaugurate a synagogue near Al-Buraq Wall (Western Wall).

On December 21, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) overwhelmingly passed a non-binding resolution condemning Trump’s decision and called on states not to move their diplomatic missions to Jerusalem.

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