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Abdullah Al-Thani: 902 Qatari pilgrims entered Saudi Arabia

Sat, Aug. 26, 2017
CAIRO- 26 August 2017: The number of Qatari pilgrims, who entered Saudi Arabia to perform their Islamic ritual has reached 902 nationals, said Qatari royal family member Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani said, on his Twitter account on Friday.

Al-Thani added that the Qatari pilgrims came to Mecca of Saudi Arabia from different countries. He called on Qatari authorities to lift the block imposed on the free of charge service number which was dedicated to ‘serve Qatari pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani also twitted that the number of Qataris who came from all over the world to perform Hajj (pilgrimage) reached 902 pilgrims.

On Aug. 18, the grandson Sheikh Abdullah, who has received massive support on social media, demanded the Qatari regime facilitate travel procedures of citizens to perform pilgrimage. He provided a hotline for Qatari pilgrims.

He has appeared on the scene lately as a mediator to Saudi Arabia in order to open the Saudi-Qatari Salwa border for Qatari pilgrims.

Upon his request, the Saudi King announced facilitations to the Qatari pilgrimage crisis, as he offered to send planes at his own expenses to carry pilgrims from Doha to the Kingdom territories.

On the other hand, The Qatari Foreign Ministry released a statement refusing the Saudi Hajj initiative to transport Qatari pilgrims by Saudi Airlines and coveri their Hajj costs, saying that facilitating the performance of Hajj would be through lifting the siege on Qatar. The Qatari authorities refused to grant Saudi Arabian aircraft permission to transport pilgrims from Hamad International Airport in Doha.

Saudi Royal Court advisor further called on Qatari pilgrims to stand against the current Qatari regime, sending them a letter via his official twitter account saying “Our people in Qatar, please have patience. The land port is open to you, and Al-Ahsa and Dammam airports are open too. You can come to perform Hajj from anywhere in the world."

Qatari regime has attempted to “falsely allege baseless information” about bad treatment of Qatari pilgrims during the Hajj by Saudi authorities.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates along with Egypt and Bahrain decided on June 5 to sever diplomatic and trade relations with Doha, closing their common land borders and air spaces.

The neighboring Arab states’ decision came after accusations of Qatar’s support for terrorism surfaced.

Saudi Arabia is currently organizing the once-in-a-year pilgrimage season, whose rituals are regularly performed in Mecca and Medina.
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