‘Decent Life’ initiative seeks volunteers for project to develop Egypt’s countryside


Sat, 06 Feb 2021 - 10:25 GMT

FILE - An event of the presidential initiative “Decent Life”

FILE - An event of the presidential initiative “Decent Life”

CAIRO – 6 February 2021: The presidential initiative “Decent Life” announced readiness to receive volunteers to participate in a national project to develop 1,500 villages in 20 Egyptian governorates.

In a statement, the initiative said it would receive volunteers’ requests “because we believe in the importance of concerted efforts and the complementarity of roles to secure a decent life for our people.”

“The Decent Life foundation welcomes all volunteers of all ages and experiences to provide support to thousands of families in the poor villages in various governorates,” a statement by the initiative read.

For registration, you can visit: https://www.hayakarima.com/api/register

The first stage of the project includes upgrading 1,500 villages, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said in January, noting that all villages nationwide will be renovated.

The project – worth LE 500 million – covers 1,500 villages housing more than 55 million dwellers, who compose half of the Egyptian population.

Decent Life Initiative, launched by the president in 2019, aims to provide a decent life for the most vulnerable groups nationwide. It further contributes to enhancing the quality of daily public services provided to citizens, with an eye to inhabitants of rural areas.

The initiative also provides health care, medical services, surgeries and prosthetic devices to these groups.

Moreover, it aims to develop Egypt’s poorest villages, according to the poverty map, provides job opportunities and supports orphan girls to get married.



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