How does Haya Karima meet UN SDGs?


Fri, 23 Jul 2021 - 11:58 GMT

Haya Karima works in villages across Egypt - FILE

Haya Karima works in villages across Egypt - FILE

CAIRO – 23 July 2021: As the presidential initiative "Haya Karima" [In English: Decent Life] seeks to achieve better living conditions for Egyptians all over the country, it puts Egypt among countries that meet sustainable development goals.


According to Ministry of Planning statements, the initiative has strategic objectives to improve living standards, level of infrastructure and urban services, quality of human development services and invest in human beings.


The growth rate among the investments in the most villages in the last three years amounted to 1,500 percent, which helped the initiative to meet the UN sustainable development goals, including:



1-    “Eradication of poverty” and taking into account the provision of utilities to villages.


2-    "Zero Hunger" by subsidizing food, providing mobile food outlets, and increasing agricultural productivity.


3-   Paying attention to the health system by developing hospitals, health units, family medicine centers and ambulances.


4-   Exerting efforts to control population growth and an integrated system for waste collection.


5-   Providing youth and sports services, and providing medical convoys.


6-   Achieving "quality education" by expanding the establishment of schools and classrooms in disadvantaged areas, and providing mobile classrooms.


7-    Achieving "gender equality" by promoting women's participation in the labor market.


8-    Achieving "Clean water and sanitation" through the expansion of drinking water and sanitation services


9-   Achieving "Clean and affordable energy" by connecting natural gas to homes, and providing two sources of electricity for each village.


10-                 Achieving "Decent work and economic growth" by providing job opportunities for villagers and working on projects.


11-                  Boosting "Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure" by settling the Egyptian industry, localizing purchases, and establishing craft complexes.


12-                  "Reducing inequalities" by providing social rehabilitation centers and early detection of disability.


13-                  Building "Sustainable cities and communities" by providing a single system of government services, paving roads, and providing decent housing.


14-                  Achieving "Responsible consumption and production" by implementing and treating triple sewage plants, biogas units and integrating environmental sustainability criteria.


15-                  "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions" through a committee chaired by the Prime Minister, and unify the financial management of the project.


16-                  "Forging partnerships to achieve goals" by forming village development committees to determine priorities and promote social responsibility.








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