With budget exceeding LE700 bn, Haya Karima ‘largest of Egypt’s national projects’: Minister


Wed, 02 Jun 2021 - 02:01 GMT

Haya Karima in Aswan

Haya Karima in Aswan

CAIRO – 2 June 2021: Egyptian Minister of Solidarity Nevin el-Qabbaj said that the national social initiative “Haya Karima” is considered the largest of Egypt’s national projects, with its budget exceeding L.E. 700 billion.


Targeting the development of Egypt’s countryside in three years, the initiative witnesses a unique collaboration between ministries, private sector and the civil society, aiming to provide a decent life for citizens across the country.


This comes as part of the state’s agenda to invest in human capacity, as well as economic empowerment for youths and women in the countryside.


In the same context, Minister of Planning Hala al-Saeed stated that the presidential initiative ‘Haya Karima’ is an unprecedented in terms of the efforts exerted to achieve development in a short time.


“The first phase targeted developing 375 villages,” Dr. Hala el-Saeed said, adding that “without this initiative, we would have not achieved this development in less than 15-20 years.”


About Haya Karima


In 2020, Haya Karima or “Decent Life” was announced as a non-profit organization to implement the objectives of the initiative. A cooperation between three main ministries: Local Development, Social Solidarity and Planning, in addition to the participation of 16 civil society institutions.



The initiative has provided financial support to the most needy citizens, as well as services including medical, residential and job opportunities.



A study by the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies has revealed how the social initiative “Haya Karima” has changed the livelihoods in the Egyptian villages.




The study said that there was 75 percent of the villages in Egypt suffer apparent shortage in some development sectors, services and facilities such as clean water networks, sanitation and gas, electricity, schools and hospitals.



The study has confirmed that “Haya Karima” has worked to improve the standard of living and provide job opportunities in small and medium enterprises for the poor in the most needy areas.



The second phase of the Haya Karima initiative will target 4,670 villages in the coming two years.




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