The Muslim World League signs a memorandum of understanding with the Spanish Islamic Commission



Sat, 20 Mar 2021 - 11:11 GMT


Sat, 20 Mar 2021 - 11:11 GMT

CAIRO - 21 March 2021: The Muslim World League signed a memorandum of understanding with the Spanish Islamic Commission. His Excellency the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Sheikh Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, had earlier received the President of the Commission, Dr. Ayman Idlibi, and his accompanying delegation His Excellency started the meeting praising the Kingdom of Spain, and mentioned the studies conducted by the MWL attesting that Spain is among the best European countries in national integration.

The Islamic Commission – with the support of the Spanish government - played a dynamic role in achieving this status. His Excellency also praised Spain’s religious diversity in its openness to all religions which made it an example to follow. Such stance is important in disputing the hate speech endorsed by some extremist groups.

Dr. Al-Issa explained that the Rabita always calls for implementing programs aimed at initiating home grown imams and teachers, as well as fatwas, based on important consideration of the spatial conditions of each country; since fatwas and rulings differ through necessity. He expressed his admiration for the high academic level reached by Muslim scholars in Spain, which qualifies them to teach without recourse to outside assistance.

This is equally important, since they are natives, and are well versed in its culture, which is more advantageous than bringing imams from abroad to find themselves facing linguistic and cultural uphill battle. This difference may also lead to fueling the rift between them and the Spanish community.


He emphasized, the ability of all countries national inland to instruct home grown imams to reach graduation, in addition to creating local fatwa bodies. For his part, the President of the Islamic Commission confirmed he is a constant follower of Rabita’s activities and his expressed his appreciation for the work it is doing.

He expressed his admiration for the Makkah Charter and how proud Spanish Muslims are of this Islamic system and constitution, saying: “The Makkah Charter is a great Outlook that embodies our identity and who we are.” He explained the commission is interested in reviving the Charter and turning it into realistic programs and real projects such as establishing cultural centers and holding training courses.

Dr. Idlibi said, the Spanish society is multi-religious and multi-ethnic, yet everyone lives in harmony and peace. He pointed out that 67% of Spanish Muslims are of young age, and that 70% of these youths are girls.

He emphasized the need to provide moderate education for these young people enabling them to be raised in an environment that respects the other. The keenness of the two parties to promote the values of peace and harmony in the world, and their eagerness to introduce the values of Islam and the tolerance of its guidance, led to the signing of the agreement. The MoU included the preparation of an action plan with a specific timeframe to activate the contents of the "Makkah Charter" within the Kingdom of Spain and the Spanish-speaking countries.

This course of action requires translating, publishing and discussing the Charter in various cultural events, and seeking to integrate it into educational curricula in addition to postgraduate studies programs approved by the Spanish Ministry of Education, on the contents of the Makkah Charter and the desired role in uniting human beings.

The presentation conducted by the Commission explained that the Spanish side welcomed its inclusion within its educational institutions due to this important idea and the important contents of the Charter.


Both parties also agreed to prepare an action plan for teaching Arabic in Spain by holding educational courses in Spanish universities for youth, imams, preachers and teachers. The memorandum includes establishing a youth center aimed at promoting the principles of love and coexistence among this group before crossing to the job arena and protect them from falling prey into the trap of extremism and Islamophobia, in addition to explaining Islam's position on contemporary issues.

The two parties will hold a series of activities, including conferences, seminars, programs and panel discussions, to debate issues of concern to Muslims. It is foreseeable, the two parties will organize meetings with academics, intellectuals and researchers of other cultures and civilizations, to discuss issues of cooperation, and moderation, and the exchange of experiences and publications.

The meeting with His Excellency the Chairperson of the Commission was attended by: the former governor of Madrid and advisor to the Spanish Religious Freedom Committee, Mr. Ricardo Garcia, the Secretary General of the Commission, Mr. Mustafa Abdel Salam Ahmed, the official spokesman for the Spanish Muslim Youth Association, Dr. Ahmed Yamane Dalal, and the Chargé d’affairs of the Spanish embassy Mr. Javier Suria Quintana, and the Director of the Islamic Cultural Center in Madrid, Mr. Omar bin Ibrahim Al-Saif.



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