Women are source of strength, sacrifice: Egypt’s First Lady Entissar al Sisi



Wed, 17 Mar 2021 - 09:59 GMT


Wed, 17 Mar 2021 - 09:59 GMT

CAIRO – 17 March 2021: Egypt's First Lady Entissar al Sisi said, Wednesday that women are ‘the source of strength and sacrifice and that they have been always an icon of success.’

She expressed her happiness for participating in the Egyptian women’s day celebration. The First lady wrote on her facebook page that she was ‘fascinated with the great stories she saw and met’.



"I was very pleased today to attend the celebration of the Egyptian Women's Day, and I was fascinated by what I have seen of the inspiring models that made success from their challenges," Egypt's First Lady stated.

On March 8, Entissar al Sisi greeted women on her social media platforms in the occasion of International Women's Day.




“Today we celebrate the Egyptian woman on the International Women's Day,” Egypt’s first lady wrote, adding that: “this day reflects a journey full of giving; a journey that all women still continuing with the same spirit of enthusiasm and sincere determination despite all the challenges and difficulties.”

She offered a ‘pride and appreciation’ greetings to women saying: “greetings of pride and appreciation to every Egyptian woman who confirmed with her work, production, patience and sacrifices, that this country derives from her its conscience, strength and glory”.




President Abdel Fatah al Sisi also expressed, respect and appreciation for Egyptian women "who diligently carry the conscience of the homeland in a way that corresponds with their eternal historical status."

"It is a constant principle that women are the inexhaustible spring of giving and goodness, and the renewable energy of safety and sacrifice. Women are the primary source of wisdom and principles, and the basis of family building and cohesion," the president added.







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