Opinion: Al Qaradawi and Al Jazeera, Qatar’s twins and wealth !



Mon, 03 Jul 2017 - 11:06 GMT


Mon, 03 Jul 2017 - 11:06 GMT

Makram Mohamed Ahmed - File photo

Makram Mohamed Ahmed - File photo

Cairo - 4 July 2017: Qatar will fight to the death against two out of the thirteen demands imposed on it by the four boycotting countries, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Emirates and Bahrain. The first of these two demands, which Qatar completely refuses to fulfill under the pretext of respecting freedom of speech, is shutting down Al Jazeera TV channel which Qatar deems to be its sharpest and most potent weapon and which it will never forgo unless the nature of Qatar’s ruling regime changes and is replaced by a new policy which concerns itself with building good relations with its sister countries in the Gulf and the Arab world.

The second demand is to expel Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the instigator of seditions and, arguably, the other Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood besides Mohamed Badie, and who enjoys the patronage and the special treatment of the Qatari ruling house, since he always sits on the right of the crown princes, and since the house considers him to be Qatar’s most important media mouthpiece and its most powerful tool of instigating violence and discords.

It is noteworthy that Al-Qaradwi was the first theologian to allow the turning of a human being, God’s honoured creation, into a suicide bomb to be detonated among American soldiers in Iraq, Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem, or Copts in the churches of Egypt, and thus destroying the very core of Islam by his opinions.

Qatar also uses Al-Qaradawi as a fig leaf that covers its many flaws, starting with normalizing its relations with Israel willingly and for nothing in return, its efforts in creating divisions in the Palestinian situation, hosting the largest American base in the Middle East, its role in the funding of terrorist groups and the destruction of Syria, and finally its destructive role in Libya to spite Egypt and in order to threaten its national security.

Despite the fact that Al-Qaradawi is banned from travelling to The United States, The United Kingdom, France and most Western countries, and despite the fact that his name is included in global lists of designated terrorists, yet a number of Western countries defend the Qatari right of keeping Al-Qaradawi within its borders because he is the voice of sedition and strife that divides the Muslim nation and destroys its unity as he wages wars of hatred against Egypt, its Azhar, its army and its leader, whereas on the other hand he celebrates the actions of Hamd and Tamim which led to the destruction of entire states and nations.

What a man and what a mission! The most dangerous thing that the Qatari twin, Al-Jazeera and Al-Qaradawi, have been doing is the collaboration between the two in spreading thousands of fatawa (a fatwa is a legal Islamic opinion) which urge for the use of violence, instigate divisions, delegitimize regimes in the Arab world, spread chaos and desolation, propagate the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood, and divide Arab societies on sectarian and ethnic grounds.

The true manifestation of their joint efforts was seen in the events of January 2011 where their comprehensive scheme for destroying Egypt was apparent. It might be true that Al Jazeera TV enjoyed a wide Arab and Muslim interest, just as Al-Qaradawi’s TV program Al-Sharia wa Al-Hayah enjoyed very high views which put him among distinguished TV stars, yet both Al-Jazeera and Al-Qaradawi’s credibility plummeted during the Arab Spring.

Al Jazeera almost lost 100% of its credibility, and it became obvious for all Egyptians that it is nothing but a sewer which pumps falsified and fabricated stories; likewise, Al-Qaradawi lost his credibility and was disclosed as nothing more than a mere mouthpiece for a corrupt regime whose prime objective is to create seditions and to divide nations.

Originally published in Arabic at Al - Ahram Daily



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