Japanese Amb: Egypt is pivotal country, its stability ‘indispensable’ for region’s safety



Wed, 24 Feb 2021 - 03:52 GMT


Wed, 24 Feb 2021 - 03:52 GMT

The Japanese Ambassador in Cairo Masaki Noke - Photo by Nourhan Magdi/Egypt Today

The Japanese Ambassador in Cairo Masaki Noke - Photo by Nourhan Magdi/Egypt Today

CAIRO – 24 February 2021: The Japanese Ambassador in Cairo Masaki Noke said that Egypt is a pivotal and important country in the Middle East and North Africa, politically, geographically and strategically, and its stability is indispensable for achieving peace and prosperity in the region.


He said that Japan has been aware of the geopolitical importance of Egypt for a long time, and in the twenties of the last century, his country established the first consular office in Ismailia near the Suez Canal, stressing that “Egypt is necessary for the link between Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.”


“Egypt has become a more important country now, and Japan is promoting for the ‘Free and Open Indian Ocean and Pacific’ initiative,” he said, explaining that the initiative is based on a maritime system that operates in accordance with international law and prosperity, by strengthening communication between nations.


He added that cooperation in the field of communication is of special importance, so the physical infrastructure, such as the Peace Bridge over the Suez Canal, and the human infrastructure are necessary.


On investments in the Suez Canal area, the ambassador said that there are some Japanese companies present there, but there are Japanese companies in various fields in Egypt that are considered fruitful investments. He emphasized that with the economic reform and the natural potential of this country of one hundred million Egyptians, Egypt is an attractive destination for investment.


"I know that the government is working a lot to improve the business climate. Japanese companies are interested in investing in Egypt. We need more talks and ideas. But I think this is the right time for more presence of Japanese companies in Egypt," he added.


On Egypt's response to the Corona epidemic, the ambassador said that despite the dangerous situation of the pandemic everywhere, Egypt is doing well compared to other countries.


He emphasized that Japan supports Egypt's efforts through technical cooperation to improve administrative capacity and the quality of public hospitals. Last October, Japan signed a grant of nine and a half million dollars to purchase medical equipment, such as CT scanners, for use in Egyptian hospitals.



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