Security of France starts in Egypt: French Ambassador to Cairo


Wed, 17 Feb 2021 - 01:07 GMT

French Ambassador to Egypt Stéphane Romatet - FILE

French Ambassador to Egypt Stéphane Romatet - FILE

CAIRO – 17 February 2021: The French Ambassador to Egypt Stéphane Romatet hailed deep relations between both countries in different domains, including regional and international issues of common interest like the situation in Libya.


“France supports Egypt in all security-related fields,” said French Ambassador as he spoke about bilateral cooperation in the field of combating terrorism on the sidelines of awards ceremony of an Egyptian-French competition for startups.


He also lauded the growth rate of the Egyptian economy despite the repercussion of the coronavirus pandemic on the world economy.


The French ambassador pointed that both countries are establishing a debut cooperation in the field of information technology. Egyptian Minister of Information Technology Amr Talaat expressed support to this field especially in relation to artificial intelligence and cyber security.


Romatet said that France seeks innovation in environment, startups, transportation sectors, in addition to finance and banking.


The idea pf the competition aims at including technological innovation, developing companies and digital economy in the cooperation ties between Cairo and Paris, he said.


He said that this competition achieved big success in its first edition.


As for cooperation in the field of cyber security, Romatet said that it has become a basic factor in protecting the economy.


Commenting on the situation in Libya, Romatet signaled the importance of a government transition in Libya, adding that forming a comprehensive government including all the segments of the Libyan people is "a must before February 26."



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