Egypt’s death toll due to road accidents decline by 44%



Sat, 31 Oct 2020 - 02:46 GMT


Sat, 31 Oct 2020 - 02:46 GMT

Part of Egypt's National Road network project - FILE

Part of Egypt's National Road network project - FILE

CAIRO – 31 October 2020: The Cabinet Information Center published an infographic showing a decline in the number of deaths caused by road accidents in Egypt this year, compared to the past year.


The cabinet’s infograph explains that Egypt recorded 7,000 death cases in 2020, compared to 12,000 cases in 2019, meaning a 44 percent decrease in the rate.


It went on saying that this progress is powered by the state’s steps to develop road and bridges sectors, and adopt road safety measures to reduce the number of injuries and deaths.


In February, Egypt asked UN's Special Envoy of Road Safety Jean Todt on the sidelines of the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety that was held in Stockholm, where he praised road safety work done in Egypt amid the major challenge of the country’s growing population.


He explained that Egypt know that there is still have a lot of things to do among them is to apply to the road safety conventions, and sign protocols, they need to fulfill.


“They [Egypt] have the motivation and understanding of it, and of course what we will be able to give, we will give them,” he added.


Egypt was part of the United Nation’s decade of action program that started 2011 with an ambitious target to halve global number of deaths from road accidents by 2020. The country embarked on an extensive local program that included: toughening punishment on traffic violators, building new road networks, renovating bridges and launching drug-driving tests.


The Cabinet’s Information Center announced that Egypt jumped 89 places in roads quality rankings by The Global Economy from the 118th in 2014 to the 29th in 2019.



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