Clear drainage system, vacuum trucks brace for rain in south Cairo


Tue, 27 Oct 2020 - 12:06 GMT

Rainfall - Pixabay

Rainfall - Pixabay

CAIRO - 27 October 2020: Facilities in south Cairo brace for the rain season by maintaining the drainage system and deploying vehicles equipped with pumps and suction hoses at main roads, bridges and tunnels to remove excess water immediately.
Sewers and torrent trajectories have been cleared to make sure no flooding will affect traffic, according to a Monday statement by the governorate. 
Heavy rain in Cairo dramatically affects traffic in ways that are sometimes disastrous, even though it happens about only two or three times a year. It also floods homes in areas with infrastructure that do not take rain into account, such as in the Fifth Settlement. 
But last year, the government announced a day off work when the weather forecast showed heavy rains, reducing traffic and allowing the quick drainage of water. The act received much praise from Cairenes at the time. 
The weather forecast for this week, however, does not show a high probability of rain. 



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