Egypt’s top prosecutor refers 3 accused of killing Maadi girl to criminal court



Wed, 21 Oct 2020 - 01:19 GMT


Wed, 21 Oct 2020 - 01:19 GMT

FILE – The victim

FILE – The victim

CAIRO – 21 October 2020: Egypt’s Top prosecutor Hamada el-Sawi ordered to refer three men accused of killing Mariam known on social media as “Maadi’s woman” to criminal court.


The three men, whose murder of Mariam, has dominated social media over the past week, will be tried over charges of deliberate murder.


Mariam, 24-year old victims, was killed in Cairo’s Al-Maadi district after a mugger in a microbus yanked her backpack, causing her head to smash with a nearby car, the Egyptian Public Prosecution said, citing an eyewitness.


Two of the accused were hiding weapons. The prosecution revealed that this crime was associated with another felony that took place at the same time and place.


The prosecution accused the third man of participating and assisting the two others in the murder.


The evidence collected by the prosecution about the incident was based on testimonies of seven eye-witnesses, who identified the driver of the microbus that killed the lady.


An eyewitness told the prosecution he saw the 24-year old victim, Mariam, talking to another girl just before a microbus with its rear license plate scrapped off came close to them.


Two men were in the microbus including the driver, said the witness, adding that that the other guy yanked the backpack of the girl and clung to it while the vehicle is moving, causing her head to smash with a nearby car.


The victim passed away after the ambulance vehicle arrived half an hour after the incident.


The prosecution further received information about the microbus used in the incident from investigations carried out by the police at the crime site.


Two of the accused acknowledged their involvement in the crime, and that the microbus belongs to the third defendant, who denied all charges.



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