Egypt condemns Israel's decision to build thousands of settlements in WB


Sun, 18 Oct 2020 - 10:24 GMT

Egypt Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Egypt Ministry of Foreign Affairs

CAIRO - 18 October 2020: Egypt's Foreign Ministry strongly condemned Israel's approval to build thousands of settlement units in the West Bank, according to a statement released on Sunday by Spokesman of the ministry, Ahmed Hafez.

The Ministry considered this decision as flagrant encroachment against the Palestinian lands and provocative to the Palestinians' feelings, the statement read.

It stressed its rejection of such steps which fall within the framework of imposing fait accompli, accentuated that this step will not change the Arab identity of the Palestinian lands.

The Foriegn Ministry called on the international community to take all needed measures against Israel's occupational practices which would further complicate the situation.


The spokesman stated that these Israeli policies increase the lack of trust between the concerned parties and undermine the chances of starting a constructive dialogue with the Palestinian side, in addition to what they represent as a serious threat to the two-state solution.



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