UNICEF reports acknowledge crimes of Muslim Brotherhood in political exploiting children



Sun, 27 Sep 2020 - 12:36 GMT


Sun, 27 Sep 2020 - 12:36 GMT

ET: Academic Marc Owen Jones also noted a huge number of newly-created accounts spamming protest hashtags.

ET: Academic Marc Owen Jones also noted a huge number of newly-created accounts spamming protest hashtags.

CAIRO -27 September 2020: The Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group  has a long history of exploiting children for political purposes to achieve chaos in various countries of the Middle East, including Egypt.

The terrorist group tried to politically exploit children in some villages and governorates of Upper Egypt and photograph them after the Friday prayer to imply the existence of protests against the Egyptian regime, a disgraceful and repeated behavior ofthe Brotherhood that is usuallyused to achieve their suspicious goals, and has been frequently criticized by several international organizations.

At a time when the terrorist group tried to cause a crisis after the June 30 popular revolution, a statement by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) exposed the Brotherhood’s exploitation of children in the Rab'a and al-Nahda sit-ins. A statement issued by the organization in July 2013 expressed deep concern about the effect that the ongoing violence may have on children, stressing that children should not be employed for political purposes.

Philip Daumal, the organization’s representative in Egypt at the time, said that children should not be exposed to or witness violent events, as these acts have long-term physical and psychological effects on children.

The organization’s statement at the time came after a march organized by the terrorist group under the slogan "Children Against the Coup," with the participation of children wearing or holding coffins and raising banners reading “Potential Martyr”.

In a report issued by the National Council for Human Rights in March 2014, it was indicated that the Brotherhood and its supporters used children “in political conflict”, in a blatant breach of international laws. It was stated that those children belonged to orphanages owned and run by the outlawed group.

The report highlighted that those orphans, under the age of 10, were amassed in the Rabaa sit-in and were used in rallies in the Nasr City neighborhood.

Under both international and local law, using children under 18 years as a tool for politics and placing them at severe risk of death or injury is illegal.




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