Kuwaiti citizen arrested after slapping Egyptian expat’s face 3 times: Consul



Sun, 26 Jul 2020 - 02:47 GMT


Sun, 26 Jul 2020 - 02:47 GMT

A screenshot of a video showing a Kuwaiti citizen slapping an Egyptian expat on the face

A screenshot of a video showing a Kuwaiti citizen slapping an Egyptian expat on the face

CAIRO – 26 July 2020: Appearing in a surveillance camera video while slapping the face of an Egyptian expat three times in a supermarket in Kuwait, a Kuwait citizen was arrested on Sunday for committing a misdemeanor, the Egyptian consul said.


The video has angered social media users as well as Nasser Al-Otaibi, the head of the Sabah Al-Ahmad cooperative supermarket, who announced resigning as an objection to abuses against expats’ rights.


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Following up on the incident, Egyptian Immigration Minister Nabila Makram contacted Egypt’s Consul General in Kuwait, Ambassador Hesham Osran, and thanked the General Consulate for taking swift actions on the incident.


The consul affirmed that such incidents are individual and do not represent the strong bilateral relations between Egypt and Kuwait and the fact that hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have worked and stayed in Kuwait.


The Egyptian young man, who works as a cashier at the cooperative supermarket, was slapped three times before security guards, customers and a woman interfered to stop the assault.


The Egyptian laborers in Kuwait occupied the second rank in the number of foreign workers with 10,000 workers, constituting 20.8 percent of the total expatriate labor force. Egypt comes after India, whose nationals form 917,000 Indian workers, according to a report by Al Shall, Financial and Economic Consulting company in April 2020.


In April, an Egyptian expatriate was stabbed to death in Kuwait, reported Kuwaiti Al-Rai newspaper.


"A pedestrian found the dead body of the Egyptian national in an under-construction house in the city of Dasma," the newspaper said, adding that the police launched an investigation and the dead body was sent to the forensic department.


Also, in August 2018, an Egyptian citizen lost his life during a fight with an Asian expat, who stabbed the former at Kuwait’s Bnied Al-Gar, according to eyewitnesses, Kuwaiti Al-Rai media reported.


According to Al-Rai, the 30-year old Egyptian expat died from a fatal stab to the heart.


Erem News reported on Monday that the Kuwaiti authorities managed to arrest two people accused of stabbing an Arab citizen to the heart in Bnied Al-Gar before they could flee the country.


An Egyptian was previously shot dead at Kuwait’s Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh in January 2013. Also, the Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported in April, 2018 that an Egyptian person working at a weaponry store was injured when a Kuwaiti citizen was checking a shooting gun.


Did you know about a conflict between well-know Kuwaiti Parliament Member Safaa al-Hashim and Egypt’s Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram, after the latter defended an assaulted expat in Kuwait, saying “the dignity of Egyptian citizens and Egyptian women in specific is a red line.”?

Kuwaiti MP censures Makram after defending assaulted expat

CAIRO - 13 November 2018: "The dignity of Egyptian citizens and Egyptian women in specific is a red line. However, we respect Kuwaiti authorities and judiciary." Although these words spoken by Egyptian Minister of Immigration, Nabila Makram, over the assault of an Egyptian expat could seem satisfying to all parties, a Kuwaiti MP has been angered by the minister's remarks.



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