US Central Command chief hails Egyptian Army’s role in preserving regional stability



Wed, 15 Jul 2020 - 07:41 GMT


Wed, 15 Jul 2020 - 07:41 GMT

CAIRO – 15 July 2020: Chief of the US Central Command Kenneth McKenzie on Wednesday hailed the role of the Egyptian Armed Forces in achieving stability and balance and combating terrorism in the region, in a meeting with Egypt’s Defense Minister Mohamed Zaki in Cairo, the Egyptian military spokesman said.


During the meeting, Zaki and McKenzie, along with the latter’s accompanying delegation, discussed a number of issues of mutual concern, in light of the regional and international developments. They also discussed military cooperation between the Armed Forces of the two countries.


They also reviewed joint exercises conducted by the armies of the US and Egypt.


For his part, Zaki expressed his appreciation for the strategic partnership between the two countries and his hope for further cooperation in the military field.




The Egyptian army has advanced three places and ranked ninth out of 138 in the annual index of Global Firepower, exceeding many advanced armies including that of Turkey, Iran and Israel.


According to the Power Index of the specialized military ranking website, Egypt holds a rating of 0.1872, Global Firepower reported, as 0.0000 is considered “perfect”. Egypt followed US, Russia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, France and UK in terms of the army’s strength.


Global Firepower considers 50 individual factors to assess the strength of each country’s army, which are all placed under the sectors of manpower, airpower, land forces, naval forces, natural resources, natural resources, logistics, financials and geography.


Egypt is ranked 10 out of 138 in the total strength of airpower, and took the 4th place in terms of tanks, and 6th in terms of armored vehicles and rocket projectors, according to the global index. The total assets of the army’s naval forces brings Egypt to the 7th place.



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