Withdrawal of all foreign powers only solution for Libya’s crisis: Greek FM Dendias


Wed, 01 Jul 2020 - 04:24 GMT

FILE PHOTO - Libyan Parliament Speaker Aquila and Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias

FILE PHOTO - Libyan Parliament Speaker Aquila and Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias

CAIRO – 1 July 2020: Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said that the solution to Libya's political crisis comes through the withdrawal of all the external, foreign powers, especially Turkey, stressing that the presence of these powers in Libya did not lead to any solutions.

During a meeting with Libyan Parliament Speaker Aquila Saleh in Tobruk, Dendias affirmed that he supports and welcomes all initiatives to end the crisis in Libya. Dendias arrived in Libya on July 1 to meet with the Libyan Parliament speaker and a number of Libyan officials.

A source in the Libyan Foreign Ministry said that Dendias will meet with Abdulhadi al-Hweij and a number of government officials to discuss a host of issues of mutual interest in light of the latest developments in Libya.

Earlier on July 1, the Libyan Parliament warned against the consequences of the flagrant Turkish interference in Libya, adding that Turkish officials are imposing their orders on the Tripoli-based Government of the National Accord (GNA).

The Libyan Parliament had warned on June 29 of an influx of oil revenues that will support militias and mercenaries who fight alongside GNA forces against the Libyan National Army (LNA), according to Al-Arabiya.

Al-Arabiya reported that Ankara is transferring new batches of mercenaries to Libya to support Al-Wefaq forces in the face of the LNA, pointing out that Turkey is practicing flagrant violations against the sovereignty of the Libyan state.

In an Interview with Egypt’s Middle East News Agency, June 24, Saleh said that Turkey had sent more than 15,000 mercenaries into the Libyan capital. Therefore, the army moved in response to international calls for a ceasefire and according to international initiatives including the Cairo Declaration Initiative that was announced by President Sisi.

On June 6, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi announced Cairo's plan for a ceasefire in Libya, after a tripartite meeting with Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) Khalifa Haftar and Speaker of Libyan Parliament Aquila Saleh.

Sisi said that the political initiative, which he called the “Cairo Deliration”, would pave the way for a return to normal life in Libya. President Sisi warned against using military tactics to resolve the crisis.

"A political solution is the only way to resolve the crisis in Libya," Sisi said, adding that Libya's security is a pillar for Egypt's security.

"All Libyan parties have been asked to partake in the ceasefire," Sisi stressed, adding that LNA Chief Haftar and Parliament Head Aquila Saleh are committed to protecting the Libyan people’s best interests.

"Under the guidelines of the ceasefire, all foreign fighters must withdraw from Libya," the president clarified.

For his part, Field Marshal Haftar said that the Turkish intervention in the Libyan conflict reinforces the aggravation of the situation in Libya and threatens stability.

Haftar pointed out that the whole world is witnessing Turkey's support for terrorism and the transfer of terrorist elements from one place to another in the Middle East and North Africa, which further complicates the Libyan crisis.

Haftar emphasized the importance of Libya's unity and territorial integrity and the elimination of terrorist groups classified by Security Council resolutions, calling for a Libyan dialogue immediately with the participation of all segments of the people.



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