Egypt’s Parliament to start sterilization procedures after affirming COVID-19 case among MPs



Wed, 13 May 2020 - 01:48 GMT


Wed, 13 May 2020 - 01:48 GMT

Egypt's Parliament - Egypt Today/Hazem abdel-Samad

Egypt's Parliament - Egypt Today/Hazem abdel-Samad

CAIRO – 13 May 2020: Egypt’s Parliament will start the sterilization procedures to all buildings and facilities after confirming that parliament member Shireen Farraj tested positive for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Counselor Mahmoud Fawzi, secretary-general of the House of Representatives, announced that Wednesday and Thursday are a paid leave for all employees inside the parliament, which would allow taking the needed procedures to sterilize all halls, buildings and offices.

Fawzi added in his message to the employees that these measures are taken to maintain the health and safety of all those who work at the Parliamentary headquarters.
Parliament member Shireen Farraj tested positive for the virus on Tuesday. Shortly after, the Parliament announced that nearly 12 parliament members were close to Farag and will be tested first for the virus and quarantined.

Egypt’s Parliament undersecretary Suleiman Wahdan announced that the house will continue to exercise its legislative role, and that the next session will be held as planned on May 17.

He added that MP Farraj will be quarantined; however, her diagnosis does not prevent the Parliament from convening, adding that there are important economic, social and political legislations that need to be approved by the Parliament.

He noted that Farraj got the virus from someone she came in contact with outside the Parliament, adding that the council will take all the precautions to confront the virus, including isolating anyone who contacted Farraj for up to fourteen days.

On Tuesday, Egypt recorded 347 new coronavirus cases and 11 deaths, which raises the total infected patients of COVID-19 to 10,093 and the total deaths to 544, according to the Health Ministry’s daily briefing.

Health Ministry spokesman Khaled Megahed said that the number of coronavirus cases whose tests turned from positive to negative increased to 2811, including 2326 people who recovered from the virus. "All positive cases were quarantined at hospitals," the spokesman said.

Also on Tuesday, a state of emergency was announced at Maspero building, the headquarters of the state-run Egyptian Radio and Television Union, after an employee died of the coronavirus.

Rasha Helmy worked at the news department at Maspero. The Media Syndicate board headed by Dr. Tareq Saada confirmed the death of Rasha Helmy, as a result of her infection with the coronavirus.

The board mourned the deceased colleague, "We lost a dear colleague who was a model for commitment to media work ethics.”



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