Egypt could enter 3rd stage if citizens do not abide by precautionary measures against COVID-19


Fri, 03 Apr 2020 - 08:15 GMT

Coronavirus disease (Covid 19)- Photo courtesy of US Department of State

Coronavirus disease (Covid 19)- Photo courtesy of US Department of State

CAIRO – 3 April 2020: "Egypt might resort to implementing the third stage of precautionary measures against coronavirus spread soon if citizens did not abide by the current precautionary measures as the infection rates will skyrocket," said Head of the Cabinet's Crisis Management Chamber Mohamed Abdel Maqsoud.

In a phone call with "El-Hayah el-Youm" TV Program, Abdel Maqsoud called on all citizens to stay at home, warning that once daily infections hit 1,000 cases and Egypt enters the third stage, the daily figure could reach 2,500 and tracing infection sources will be difficult.

The government has taken several steps in advance in anticipation of the third stage scenario, including the preparation of university and private hospitals, hotels, centers, and schools to act as quarantine and host infected cases. This is in addition to 29 hospitals that were prepared and deployed at the second stage.

“The government is keen on implementing mechanisms to directly communicate with citizens, either via traditional media or social media,” he added.

He further noted that the chamber has spotted a total of 10,000 rumors since the government has implemented the precautionary measures against Covid-19.

Abdel Maqsoud added that the website launched for youth is being developed, to raise their awareness at this critical time.

While for the temporary or seasonal workers, the government has dedicated a new website, expected to be launched soon, in order to support the workers who were badly affected by the anti-Covid measures and the curfew, and achieve social solidarity.



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