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Egypt's consulate: Saudi Arabia extends visit visas till end of April 2020

Mon, Mar. 30, 2020
RIYADH/CAIRO, March 30 (MENA) - The Egyptian Consulate in Riyadh announced on Monday that the Saudi authorities extended visit visas for all the visitors in the Kingdom till the end of April after paying the due fees.

The consulate was replying for Egyptians' inquiries about the Saudi measures towards residents, who could not fly back during the period of the exit/re-entry visa, holders of business and tourist visas amid the suspension of the flights because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Saudi authorities took several measures including the extension of the exit re-entry visa for residents who left the Kingdom, the consulate noted

The Saudi procedures will expire after 30 days of the Saudi Health Ministry's announcement of the full end of the pandemic, it added.
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