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Tue, 03 Mar 2020 - 07:21 GMT


Tue, 03 Mar 2020 - 07:21 GMT

Chief editor of Youm7 daily newspaper Khaled Salah gives the opening speech of BT100 ceremony - photo via Egypt Today

Chief editor of Youm7 daily newspaper Khaled Salah gives the opening speech of BT100 ceremony - photo via Egypt Today

CAIRO - 3 March 2020: The editor in chief of Youm7 daily newspaper, Khaled Salah, gave Tuesday the opening speech of bt100 annual ceremony where he paid tribute to the martyrs of the armed forces and the police.

Here is the whole speech:

“Ladies and gentlemen
I welcome you to the bt100 awards ceremony in its third edition, rejoicing at the glittering constellation of officials, economists, financial and businessmen, and proud of the presence and weight of the award in the economic and national circles, and its echo in the region.

As we meet in honor of celebrating a group of successful individuals and institutions, we now stand on a more mature and stable experience, after the award has been reached to broader horizons, and has achieved more than we expected, to the extent that I can say with absolute confidence that the bt100 now is not what it was in 2018, it has become much stronger and accomplished, after it intensified promises and strengthened its ties to the economic environment.

Which obliged us to turn to this annual phenomenon in greater depth, seeking to consolidate its effectiveness, and to give it an independent legal personality, which enhances success and maximizes future aspirations.

We worked in the current edition to develop the award and restructure it, and to establish a solid base for managing its technical and arbitration details, so we sought the assistance of some of the most prominent actors in investment, financial markets, media and opinion measurement.

The committee has developed a package of disciplined and comprehensive standards, examining the performance of institutions at several levels, including: transparency, governance, production, profit growth, shareholder returns, contribution to local production, keeping pace with development and research, social responsibility, partnership with the public sector, job creation, improving the work environment, empowering women, taking into account environmental safety, interacting with the media, and finally customer satisfaction rates.

We have implemented a package of standards in the current edition, and we will expand from next year, with participation in the award available through direct progress, and the BT100 secretariat will put a copy of the standards and structure plan in your hands.

We are working in the near term on the institutional and technical expansion, hoping that we will launch a specialized economic and technical publication for the award, and that our umbrella extends to include prominent foreign institutions and brands in the Egyptian market, up to the expansion of the award regionally and globally, to be an institution to assess merit and the effectiveness of investment and document the activities and successes of institutions, drawing strength from the business community, and support it towards more growth and sustainability.

Finally, I thank the Prime Minister, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, for the inclusion of the BT100 Award under his gracious patronage for the second year in a row. I also thank the sponsors and supporters. I register a sincere thanks and gratitude to the symbols of the economy and the media.

Former Investment minister Ashraf Salman, former Investment minister Osama Saleh, former Communications Minister Majid Othman, former Egyptian Stock Exchange Chairman Majed Shawky, and Chief Operating Officer of United Media Services Company Hossam Saleh

And media professionals: Albert Shafik, head of On TV Channels
Mahmoud Muslim, editor-in-chief of Al-Watan newspaper
Mohamed Al-Baz, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Dustour newspaper
Mohamed Abdel Baqi, Editor in chief of Business Today
and Youssef Ayoub, editor of Sot El Ummah

Thanks first and foremost to our partners in success- from institutions and individuals - who work hard to further development and prosperity.

Before I leave my site, I note that the development plan included turning the award into an annual wedding that coincides with the state of celebration and success, and this starts from this session, with the beautiful star Carole Samaha, who I love her creativity and the joy that it makes, as I love bt100 and its makers and partners.

Thanks to Carole and thank you all."



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