Iran’s terrorist role in the region: Sky News Report



Sun, 18 Jun 2017 - 01:00 GMT


Sun, 18 Jun 2017 - 01:00 GMT

Sky News Arabia Report - File Photo

Sky News Arabia Report - File Photo

CAIRO – 18 June 2017: The Iranian regime is involved in many terrorist acts that have targeted Arab and Islamic nations in the Middle East, SKY News satellite channel disclosed on Saturday. The Abu Dhabi-based channel broadcasted a video report revealing the Iranian role in supporting and funding terrorist groups in the region such as the Quds Force affiliated to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and other sectarian militias in Tehran.

The report revealed the Iranian significant role in founding and funding extremist groups such as Hezbollah militias in Lebanon, the Popular Crowd militias in Iraq, sectarian militias in Syria, Houthis forces in Yemen and Al-Ashtar Brigades in Bahrain.

In 2016, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Commander Mohamed Ali Ghafari admitted 200.000 Iranian fighters were in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen, the video report noted.

Iran has been responsible for many recent crises in the region, most importantly was the Lebanese Hostages crisis in 1982 when 96 foreigners including 25 U.S. nationals were kidnapped. That crisis lasted for 10 years and it was committed by Hezbollah militias and Iran-backed terrorist groups, according to the Sky News report.

The Sky News report revealed many terrorist activities by the Iranian regime as follows:
In 1983, Iran was behind the U.S. Embassy’s in Beirut blast and murder of 63 persons by hands of Hezbollah militias, the report added.

In 1986, Iran incited its nationals to carry out riot and chaos during the pilgrimage and caused the death of 300 persons.

In 2003, Iran was involved in several blasts in Riyadh where 26 Saudis and foreigners were killed upon directives given to Al-Qaeda leading commander based in Iran.

In 2011, Iran was involved in assassination of Saudi Diplomat Hassan Al-Qahtani in Karachi city in Pakistan. Moreover, the Iranian regime was involved in a failed assassination attempt against Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir in Washington, where he was serving as an ambassador.




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