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Iraqi crisis management groups formed to restore order, enforce law

Thu, Nov. 28, 2019
BAGHDAD - 28 November 2019: Iraq's Joint Operations Command declared Thursday the formation of crisis management groups, under the chairmanship of governors, to restore order and ensure law enforcement across Iraqi governorates.

Upon the directives of the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, the crisis management cells have been formed to maintain security, enforce law and protect property in Iraq," Iraqi channel Alsumaria News quoted a statement issued by the operations command as having said.

A number of Iraq's military leaderships - who were picked as members of the crisis cell - have been tasked with overseeing and managing all state's security and military apparatuses, the statement added.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Interior issued arrest warrants for what it called "rioters" taking part in Iraq's ongoing street protests.
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