Initial approval of draft law on employee drug use


Mon, 18 Nov 2019 - 11:08 GMT

Parliament vote on constitutional amendments - photo by Khaled Mashaal

Parliament vote on constitutional amendments - photo by Khaled Mashaal

CAIRO - 17 November 2019: The Parliament's Manpower Committee chaired by MP JabaliMaraghiinitially approved on Sunday a draft law submitted by the government on the dismissal of employees who use drugs from the state administration.

The MPs' meeting saw a split between members over the immediate dismissal of the drug addict or their gradual punishment by suspending them from work until treatment is completed and then finally dismissing them if they return to abuse.

Most deputies and representatives of the ministries agreed to apply the gradual penalty;the final decision will be made later.

For his part, Maraghisaid if it is proven by the forensic medicine test that an employee is taking drugs, they are dismissed immediately.

On the other hand, MP Abdel Fattah Mohamed,secretary of the Parliament's Workforce Committee,stressed the importance of the legislation as it will deter drug abuse which greatly undermines the interest of the citizens and the homeland.

SolafDarwish, deputy of the Manpower Committee, and Mohamed Wahb Allah, a member of thecommittee, both agreed with applying a gradual penaltyon drug users, explaining that immediate dismissal of an employee is also a punishmentfor their family.

Meanwhile, MP Mohamed Fouadlauded the draft law and stated that an employee who uses drugs should be immediately dismissedfrom work, saying "Drug users should bear the consequencesof theiractions."

According to Article (39) of the Penal Code, the penalty for drug abuse is imprisonment for a period not less than a year and a fine of not less than LE 1,000, and not more than LE 3,000, parliamentarian John Talat said in October 2018.

He added that the Ministry of Social Solidarity spends millions on awareness campaigns, advertisements about the dangers of addiction and on providing food and drinks for imprisoned users.

Furthermore, Minister of Social Solidarity GhadaWali said in January that the rate of drug abuse and addiction in Egypt is twice the global rates, adding that the ministry launched a media campaign to face the phenomenon of driving under the influence of drugs among school bus drivers.



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