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Passenger’s attempt to smuggle 4 gold, metal detectors thwarted

Sat, Nov. 16, 2019
CAIRO - 16 November 2019: An attempt by a passenger coming from Dubai to smuggle four gold and metal detectors was foiled at Cairo International Airport’s Terminal 2 on Saturday.

The passenger had an underground water detector that he carried with him when leaving Egypt. However, representatives of the Customs Authority noticed that the device was heavier than usual so they disassembled it and found the gold and metal detectors.

Recently, the Border Guard Forces confiscated 22 devices used in illegal mining, which is a phenomenon the state has been trying to combat by encouraging investments in the sector in parallel to security measures.

Few days ago, the customs authorities at Hurghada International Airport thwarted a passenger’s attempt to smuggle counterfeit $10,000 banknotes into Egypt.
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