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Sun, 10 Nov 2019 - 02:09 GMT


Sun, 10 Nov 2019 - 02:09 GMT

FILE -  Maspero Triangle

FILE - Maspero Triangle

CAIRO - 10 November 2019: Egypt Today visited the construction site of Maspero Triangle and talked to engineers working for the private companies accomplishing the project to know more about its features.

Site Manager of Maspero Development Zone Sameh Helal clarifies that the project spans over a surface area of 25,000 square meters and includes four residential buildings. The ground and second floors in each are parking lots, while the first floor is allocated for commercial uses.

The total surface area of ground-floor parking lots and second floor parking lots in all four buildings is 19,000 square meters with a capacity of 350 vehicles and 16,000 square meters with a capacity of 280 vehicles. The total surface area of commercial floors is 17,000 square meters.

Flats in two of the residential buildings will be granted as substitutes for former dwellers of the triangle who chose that option to leave their apartments in the demolished buildings. Each building has 468 apartments, while the total in both is 936 apartments.

The project also houses an office building and a shopping center. The former consists of 15 floors above ground level, while the latter has 25 floors above ground level. The duration set to accomplish the project is 18 months and is due to finish in June 2021, as stated by Helal.

Mohamed Ezz, an executive at a company operating in the project, says that they are constructing one of the residential buildings. He explains that its surface area is around 3,000 square meters, while that of the parking is around 8,000 square meters. He adds that they finished 99 percent of deep foundations. They work 24/7 over three shifts. Around 30 workers work in each shift. Ezz highlights that the triangle will also house a landscape and a walk.

Head of the Soil and Concrete Lab Mohamed Galal showcased a device used to measure pressure on the concrete and thus its quality. “Each cubic centimeter of the concrete mix we developed can carry 350 kilograms. If less than that, the concrete is unusable,” Galal stated. “We are taking into account underground water, earthquakes, life load, and other factors,” he added.

Maspero Triangle’s residents were asked to choose between financial compensation, relocation to Asmarat or to remain in their homes until development finishes. Ten percent chose to move to Asmarat and another 10 percent chose to remain in their place until development works are finished. Eighty percent chose to receive financial compensation.

Tenants of non-residential areas had four options. The first option was to receive 30 percent of the value of the land. The second is to move to another area in addition to getting a residential unit for rent in Badr city. The third option offered a new unit when the project is over. The fourth option is ownership of a residential unit in Asmarat.

The project is part of a national plan to eliminate slums all over the country by the end of 2019.

About 500k citizens benefits of slums development: Official

CAIRO - 16 June 2019: "More than half a million citizens have so far benefited from slum development,"executive director of the Development Fund for Slums Khaled Siddiq said on Sunday. He added that slums development will cost about LE30 billion, adding that the government has spent LE18 billion until now.



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