Members of the medical crew who performed the rare surgery Members of the medical crew who performed the rare surgery

Pics: 25-kg tumor removed from woman’s uterus in Beni Suef

Wed, Nov. 6, 2019
CAIRO – 6 November 2019: The health insurance hospital of Beni Suef, Upper Egypt, performed a rare surgery Wednesday to remove a 25-kilogram tumor from a woman’s uterus, saving her life and marking another critical operation successfully at the governmental health institution.

The medical crew included consultant surgical oncologist Abdel Ghany Mohamed, specialist surgical oncologist Mostafa al-Saeed, specialist surgical oncologist Yasser Qutb, surgical specialist Ahmed Fathy Sayed, and surgical oncologist Ahmed Salah, in addition to the anesthetization and nursing teams.

Members of the medical crew and the 25-kg tumor

The 50-year old patient arrived at the hospital complaining about severe pain in her lower abdomen. After she was examined, the doctors found the large tumor that required immediate surgical intervention.

This kind of surgery requires particularly special skills, and the success of the operation underlies the hospital’s efforts to provide high quality service to reduce the number of cases that travel to Cairo seeking a kind of medical attention unavailable in their cities.

Member of the medical crew removing the tumor
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