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Aswan to host 10 smart schools by November

Sun, Oct. 27, 2019
CAIRO – 27 October 2019: Aswan will host 10 smart schools in November as multiple social schools are being transformed, and equipped by advanced educational technologies.

The Education Directorate in Aswan announced that the four social schools, Abueir, El-Salamoun, Raghama el-Balad and El-KhorQebly, were transformed into smart schools, and were provided by data-show screens and devices, internet connection and tablets.

To follow suit, five more schools in Edfo andBedraware set totransform to smart schools, raising the number to 10 schools in the southern city.

Smart schools have access to the Knowledge Bank launched by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to help scholars and students with multiple sources of knowledge.

The transforming process effectively contributes to the development of the educational level at social schools, raising the schools'efficiency, and providing students with all capabilities that will help them to hone their skills.

Social Education is a project launched by several charity foundations aiming to provide high-quality education to those with no access to education, like: drop-outs, street children, children who were deprived of education and entered the workforce.

There are around 5,000 social schools across Egypt, which largely aim to prevent a major source of illiteracy in the country. Teachers at social schools are called “facilitators,” as their work requires facilitating the educational process within the classes, and simplifying the educational process for the students on all levels.
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