Egypt, Jordan conduct joint ‘Aqaba 5’ military drill


Wed, 23 Oct 2019 - 11:01 GMT

Egyptian-Jordanian military drill "Aqaba 3” - FILE PHOTO

Egyptian-Jordanian military drill "Aqaba 3” - FILE PHOTO

CAIRO - 23 October 2019: Units from the Jordanian Armed Forces arrived Wednesday in Egypt to take part in the Jordanian-Egyptian military drills code named "Aqaba 5".

The exercise is a continuation of a series of joint drills between the two countries' Armed Forces with the aim of strengthening cooperation and raising military combat capabilities and readiness to face regional challenges.

"Aqaba 5" will be held in the southern military area and the Red Sea operations zone. The Egyptian and Jordanian maritime and ground forces are taking part in the drills.The exercise includes the implementation of several maritime and land activities. Several practical and theoretical lectures will also be held as part of the training.

In November 2017, the Egyptian Armed Forces conducted the main stage of the joint military exercise, entitled “Aqaba 3”, with its Jordanian counterpart. The exercise came within the framework of the Egyptian military's annual training with its allies.

The Egyptian Armed Forces participated with units from its naval and air forces, as well as its commandos. The exercise began with a lecture given by General Sherif Seifel-Deen Hussein, head of the Egyptian Southern Military Region, on how the exercises will be executed.

The drills include different strategies and exercises, such as reconnaissance missions, surveying, rescue missions and boarding suspicious ships. All exercises were practiced in coordination between the two sides.



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