Sisi meets German FM during Berlin’s summit second day



Tue, 13 Jun 2017 - 01:09 GMT


Tue, 13 Jun 2017 - 01:09 GMT

Sisi meets German FM during Berlin’s summit -

Sisi meets German FM during Berlin’s summit - presedency

CAIRO - 13 June 2017: German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel expressed his country's keenness to keep good and strong relations with Egypt during his meeting with President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, Tuesday in Berlin.

According to statement released by presidency, Sisi and Gabriel discussed the threat of terrorism, and agreed that its confrontation should not be limited to military or security means only, but they have to take firm steps against the countries that back it and offer it financial and political cover.

Sisi and Gabriel discussed several regional issues of common concern, including Libya, and the strained relations between Arab Gulf States and Qatar.

Per German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s invitation, President Sisi participated Monday, in the summit organized by the German presidency of the G20 for the partnership with Africa, under the title "G20 Africa Partnership - Investing in a Common Future."

The summit was attended by the presidents of Guinea, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, Cote d'Ivoire, Tunisia, Mali, and Niger, in addition to representatives of international financial organizations.

During their meeting on the sidelines of the summit, German Chancellor reiterated her country’s support of Egypt’s economic reform path. She emphasized Egypt’s role in Middle East, expressing her appreciation for its efforts in counter-terrorism and restoring stability by backing political dialogue in the region.

From his side, Sisi praised Germany’s role in boosting partnership with Africa and supporting it to push development efforts.

He highlighted the economic reforms undertaken by Egypt, which would attract foreign investments in the country, besides easing the effects of the reforms on citizens and expanding social protection programs.



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