Luxor Temple - CC via Wikimedia Commons/Mahmoud al-Gazzar Luxor Temple - CC via Wikimedia Commons/Mahmoud al-Gazzar

UMS finishes ‘Egypt: A Piece of Heaven’ documentary series

Mon, Sep. 30, 2019
CAIRO - 30 September 2019: United Media Services (UMS) announced on Monday, completing the production of a documentary series titled “Egypt: A Piece of Heaven” showcasing the Ancient Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Coptic, Islamic, and Modern Egyptian eras as well as the "pathway to the future."

A team consisting of Egyptian, American, and European professionals worked on the project for ten months using the 6K technology. The series will present to the world a new perspective of historic sites and projects recently accomplished in the sectors of transportation, utilities, housing, and trade.

UMC declared receipt of broadcast/streaming requests from European and U.S. TV channels and digital platforms.
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