Members of ‘Helwan Microbus Cell’ sentenced to death


Sat, 28 Sep 2019 - 10:39 GMT

FILE – The Cairo Criminal Court

FILE – The Cairo Criminal Court

CAIRO - 28 September 2019: Cairo Criminal Court sentenced seven defendants to death in the lawsuit publicly known as “Helwan Microbus Cell” whereas a police officer and seven policemen were assassinated.

The crimes mentioned in the arraignment include joining a terrorist group, acquisition of firearms and explosives, carrying out terror operations, and deliberate murder. The cell launched terror attacks in Monib district, and killed Sheriff of Monib Traffic Unit Brigadier General Ali Fahmy and a policeman before setting the car they were riding in on fire. The convicts also killed policeman Ahmed Fawy in Marazik ambush, and committed armed robbery of Helwan Post Office on April 6, 2016 stealing LE82,000.

The convicts are Mahmoud Abdel Tawab, Ahmed Salama, Mohamed Ibrahim, Abou Srea Mahmoud, Ibrahim Ismail, Abdullah Mohamed, and Mohamed Abdullah.



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