Army will remain operating as Egypt’s safety valve: Sobhi


Mon, 12 Jun 2017 - 08:10 GMT

Sedki Sobhy honors fresh graduates - press photo

Sedki Sobhy honors fresh graduates - press photo

CAIRO – 11 June 2017: The armed forces will remain operating as a safety valve for Egypt’s security, said Minister of Defense Sedki Sobhi in ceremony of new graduating new batch from the Command and Staff College on Sunday.

He advised new graduates of the Command and Staff College to keep updates on facilities of culture and knowledge, and to be role models for those who are under their command, according to a statement from the armed forces on Sunday.

During the graduation ceremony the graduating class also included foreign students from 13 different countries. Sobhi said that the armed forces are focusing on modern criteria that would create leadership qualifications.

Sobhi pointed out that Command and Staff College is a pioneer in military sciences. It provides the most modern training and expertise for the armed forces personnel.

The ceremony started with a documentary film showing the creation and development of the college and how it plans to qualify generations of commanderships for armed forces. In addition, its role is to train students from countries in different kinds of military sciences.

Sobhi honored premier graduates by presenting them with certificates of appreciation.
In the end, Sobhi honored, greeted and introduced the Supreme Commander of the armed forces President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to the graduates.

Chief of Staff Mahmoud Higazy, military commanders, a number of the ambassadors of friend countries and veteran president of the Command and Staff College attended the ceremony.



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