Sudan's military council, civilian opposition sign power-sharing deal


Wed, 17 Jul 2019 - 09:32 GMT

The Sudanese military

The Sudanese military

KHARTOUM, July 17 (MENA) - The Sudanese military and the country’s civilian opposition leaders signed the first stage of a power-sharing deal on Wednesday to end months of protests.

The deal was signed by deputy chief of the ruling military council Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo with the attendance of many Sudanese leaderships.

The Transitional Military Council held a meeting late on Tuesday with the Alliance for Freedom and Change, the civilian leadership which represents the protesters, to agree on the outlines of a document called the "Political Declaration".

After the signing of the power-sharing deal, African mediator Mohammad Alhassan Lebatt, a Mauritanian diplomat, said the deal between the Transitional Military Council and the Alliance for Freedom and Change is a decisive step on the road of reaching a comprehensive reconciliation between the two powers.

The deal will help open a new chapter in the history of Sudan and pave the way for the next step, which is endorsing the Constitution that will govern the transitional stage.

He expressed thanks for all efforts exerted by the transitional council and the alliance to reach the first stage of the political agreement.

He urged media outlets to verify the authenticity of all reports they publish to help iron out any differences among the Sudanese brothers.

Ethiopian envoy to Sudan Mahmoud Drir expressed happiness to take part in this decisive stage of Sudan's history.

This is a historic moment that will help the Sudanese get out of poverty and end the siege imposed on their country and remove Sudan from the list of terror-sponsoring states, he added.

Deputy chief of the ruling military council Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo lauded efforts exerted by the African Union and Ethiopia to secure the deal.

He also thanked all Arab and African countries that stood by Sudan to reach the agreement.



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